Saturday, December 19, 2009

So my internet doesn't work anymore

That is why I have stopped posting so once I get internet back or go somewhere that has it I will be posting again. Until then Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today is just one of those blah days..

I started off the day by sleeping in :) except the stupid garbage truck men like to come extra early on Tuesdays to take the huge garbage things and they are literally right outside our window so its insanely loud but I slept through it today(thank you sleeping pills). Then Chaser made us our favorite oatmeal breakfasts and I picked up on my crocheting. I crocheted for 5 minutes and had to take a break because it's impossible for me to sit through anything for more than 5 minutes without wanting to kill myself from boredom no matter how exciting it is. So I turned to Netflix for a movie fix. Picked Singin' In The Rain because I absolutely adore Gene Kelly(HUBBA HUBBA). I have a thing for men in that era hence my obsession over Frank Sinatra, who is a regular on my iTunes and Pandora. Finally decided to wash my face and brush the teeth at 2:00 and danced around the house and down the stairs to the mailbox where I found a letter from COCO!!! It made my day Coco, THANK YOU!! Ran some errands, ate, didn't take a shower but what's new? Pretty boring day.. and it's not even near over... UGH!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

a little discouraged.

So this might sound like some sob story and that I'm trying to feel bad for myself(which I do) but oh well. As of late I have been noticing that almost every girl I know is pregnant.. I'm just a little sad because I want a baby. After having a very upsetting miscarriage last February I just feel the need to be around babies. I got my fix from my little niece(kinda niece) but since moving I'm sooo baby sick. Boo. Well hopefully sooner than later I will be joining the young mothers club but as for now we are waiting for our own house, stable jobs, and for Chase to start school. Oh boy.. it might be longer than I hope.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Well it wasn't actually snow I woke up to but it was white and freezing and almost snow so it counts! I am really hoping for a beautiful white Christmas this year and its freakin cold enough to snow. Everyday its just dense fog and ICE, lots of ice. Snow is expected this week so I'm just hoping we will see some!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

For Coco.

Here she is Coco my dear.

Don't mind me.. I look sick.


Only 24 days til the most glorious holiday ever!!! I'm soo excited to celebrate even though my family won't be here with us. I bought a calendar yesterday just so I could mark the days til the best day in the year( and yes I think Christmas is better than my birthday). I have my tree up and a few more decorations and can't wait til I get to open presents and make Chase a HUGE Christmas morning breakfast because he has never had one. I love starting our very own traditions :) Happy Christmas everyone(I'm saying Happy Christmas this year because I aspire to be British).

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope everyone takes a minute to look at the positive things in their lives even with all the negative around us. Be grateful for those that love you and be sure to tell them what they mean to you. Enjoy this beautiful day!